Austerity Measures Harm Women in Europe

Many of us living and working in the United States look to the labor standards and the social safety net programs in the European Union countries with a mix of fascination and envy. Aggressive labor laws and universal programs have leveled the playing field for women and raised the standard of living of so many Europeans. But austerity measures are putting these policies at risk, much to the detriment of women and their families. This excellent video, produced by the European Women’s Lobby, details how austerity measures harm women: cuts to public sector jobs, pensions, childcare, elder-care, and parental leave, increased poverty among workers, and even cuts to domestic violence shelters and services.


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  1. Hi Simone,
    thanks for sharing this video! Austerity and economic policies on the EU level are so complex and move at such a speed that it is increasingly difficult to follow and apprehend how women are being affected, but the deep public sector cuts have put especially women and their families at risk (on average 60% women employed in public sector)! It’s a bitter pill to swallow indeed.


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