Whitest Jobs in America

The Atlantic recently published a fascinating review of the whitest jobs in the U.S. in the graph below, following up on their broader discussion of workforce stratification by race from last week. The labor force overall is 81% white, but occupational categories rarely match this proportion.



The types of jobs cover a broad range, from vets to farmers to private detectives. This broad array is different than women’s overrepresentation in certain occupations where the top jobs for women are (in this order) secretary, cashier, elementary and middle school teacher, nurse and nurses aid – jobs that are almost all within the caring labor sector and the top jobs have barely changed since 1950 despite women’s increasing proportion of the labor force. Racially divided jobs cross many sectors, but maybe, like women’s jobs, they haven’t budged so much over time. So can we make a generalization about them that explains their whiteness? Or are there sub-categories that explain the lack of people of color in certain jobs?


Categories: Poverty and Inequality, These United States

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  1. what professions are the least white?

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