The Women Are Taking Over

article-women3-0103 (1)We’ve talked here on Lady Economist about whether women make better leaders just by virtue of being women. But at least when it comes to the massively dysfunctional federal government in the United States, ladies seem to be getting it done, and done well. According to the NYTimes, a senate bipartisan committee to address the shutdown and looming debt crisis is made up of half women, even though women are only 20 percent of the Senate. Senator John McCain is quoted as having said during the meeting, multiple times, “the women are taking over.”

One of these politically powerful women, Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, said something I can’t even imagine one of her male colleagues saying outloud or even thinking to themselves – “I probably will have retribution in my state. That’s fine. That doesn’t bother me at all. If there is backlash, hey, that’s what goes on in D.C., but in the meantime there is a government that is shut down. There are people who are really hurting.” Don’t ever say women aren’t as brave as men, because when it comes to politics in the U.S. they seem to be more brave.

For more great information the shutdown and the federal debt crisis, you can livestream a panel of economists at the New School at 9am EST today here. Lady Economist will also be live tweeting the event over on twitter under #defaultpanel.


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