‘Backward-Looking Ideologues’ Committed to Oppressing Women, Tanking the Economy

What’s more important than creating jobs, government debt, or medicine? Enabling employers to deny employees access to birth control! Senator Elizabeth Warren, has once again, delivered a speech that is unparallelled in its honesty.

Sadly, this speech was delivered when shutdown was still just a threat, but since you’re awake and looking at the internet, you already know that the government failed to pass a budget and has shut down. That’s right, 800,000 federal employees have been furloughed, many more are asked to work without pay, non-essential government services have been closed, and the economy will surely be affected.

Since there is nothing as childish as a government shutdown, and Senator Warren is a true inspiration, I’d like to take this opportunity for compiling a short list of the names-calling going on:

1. Republicans in the House are “a group of backward-looking ideologues”,  Senator Elizabeth Warren (who else? Watch the full video to hear it for yourself)

2. This behavior is “moronic to shutdown the government like this”, Representative Devin Nunes, Republican of California

3. House republicans are “bullies” with “banana mindsets” who have “lost their minds” and want to “slap you around”, Senator Harry Reid

4.  They are extortionists who are trying to “extract a ransom for doing your job, or doing what you should be doing anyway”, President Obama (not his best zinger, but a good enough point)

5. The problem is the result of “drunk old men running Congress” who “won’t budge on sluts” –  Erin Gloria Ryan, reporting for Jezebel
Please post in the comment section if you come across even better insults, and include the links.

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  1. Bill O’Reilly called them pinheads on the Daily Show on Monday night, but he calls everyone pinheads, so I’m not sure how much weight that holds.

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