There’s A Fine Line Between Food Blog and Misogyny

indexIs it just me, or has the fake news been especially depressing this week? I’m not just talking about the fact the a 29-year-old woman made it onto the front page of the New York Times by promoting bunches of kale to bunches of nonplussed Parisians, (the actual front page, not the front page of the Style or Dining section, where it may have, on a sloooooooooow news day, belonged). I’m also referring to the fact that misogyny, at least as far as the vantage point of the links that I click on while taking a break from my economics work, is making a viral comeback.

Take the sandwich girl. The one who is so desperate for marriage and/or food blog fame that she’s broadcasting the fact that she is aspiring to be engaged to a man whose first words when he wake up are, “Go make me a sandwich.” I’m already gritting my teeth thinking about how this will turn into a romantic comedy movie (working title: He’s Just Not That Into You But He’s Really Into Sandwiches). My ambivalence towards domesticity is already well-documented, and now, upon further thought and reflection, I would like to amend that post: there is a such thing as an anti-feminist salad, and sandwich, and souffle and casserole for that matter. Don’t cook or eat these things! They are poisonous!

But this wasn’t the most infuriating thing coming at me from the blogosphere. There was this horrifying book that makes the case for marital rape as part of a sustainable marriage. The sandwich couple don’t sound so problematic all of a sudden. Anti-feminist sandwich-guy, eat your heart out!

This says nothing of the real news: potential government shutdown, attempts to gut our social safety net programs, ongoing crisis in Syria, this horrible story, and this one, and this one.


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  1. Never underestimate the transformative power of Kale.

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