New School for Social Research Welcomes Economist as Dean

pic_william-milbergWe’re happy to report that Professor of Economics William Milberg has been named as Dean of the New School for Social Research beginning in July this year. Professor Milberg is a scholar on trade, development and economic history and methodology, with particular research of interest to us here at Lady Economist including global de-feminization of labor and economic methodology, including feminist economics. He is also an active member of the NSSR Economics Department’s feminist economics reading group.

We got the chance to discuss with him how he thinks being an economist and one who is particularly attuned to gender and feminist issues will serve the NSSR. He told us the below.


I think it is useful to have an economist as Dean — someone who is data-driven, is comfortable with numbers. And as economics knowledge has become a bigger share of popular knowledge, it is not surprising that economists have become more prominent in university administration around the US.

But much of my research has been rooted in a questioning of mainstream economics, its methodological individualism, its pseudo-objectivity and its insularity with respect to knowledge from other fields. My long and close connection with Bob Heilbroner really enhanced my appreciation of these issues, and they stand as some of the fundamental building blocks of the New School Economics Department.

Within this, feminist economics has an important role to play, and the Department would be well served in the future to enhance the prominence of the analysis of issue of gender, race, imperialism and ethics in its overall profile, course offerings and research. I have tried to help sustain and build these aspects of our curriculum and I am hoping as Dean to support the Department in its efforts to remain a critical, creative and interdisciplinary department that will change with the times and the needs of new generations of students.


Welcome Dean Milberg and we hope to be hearing more from you in the future!


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  1. Congrats to Prof. Milberg as a data-driven scholar…

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