Lady Rocket Scientists Can Cook Too

National Medals of Science & National Medals of Technology and IIn case you missed the brouhaha caused by Dr. Yvonne Brill’s obituary in the The New York Times, check out the New Yorker blog’s response: Rocket Scientist Yvonne Brill and the Beef-Stroganoff Illusion. The post details the obituary that highlighted an exceptional women’s domestic life over her professional success (which including inventing awesome-sounding “propulsion system to help keep communications satellites from slipping out of their orbits”).

My advice for all the Lady Scientists out there: order take out.


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  1. Did you see the reaction to the fact that the Facebook presence “I f-ing love science” is female??!? Maybe commentary is within the blog I just haven’t found it yet…

  2. Not sure I have seen that – please post a link! sounds like a great topic for us! thanks

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