“What Happened to the other $14.75?” Sen. Elizabeth Warren is as Amazing as Always

This video is so impressive, you have to watch it for yourself all the way until the end.

If the minimum wage kept up with productivity it would be around $22. So, Senator Elizabeth Warren asks, “What happened to the other $14.75? It certainly didn’t go to workers.”

Watch her outsmart Mr. Rutigiano, the restaurant owner who tries to mansplain inflation (at time 4:20). She then calls upon Professor Dube, economist as UMASS Amherst, to back her up that raising the minimum wage would not cause a major change in the price level. Well done, Senator.


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  1. THANK YOU Massachusetts voters for giving us Senator Warren!

  2. Arin Dube isn’t a businessman. He’s a heterodox economists based at UMass, Amherst, one of the most radical econ programs in the US.

    • I know! We were just remarking how great it is that Dr. Dube is the economist testifying. I was referring to the restaurant owner who claims that raising the minimum wage would have inflationary effects as the “businessman”. Thanks for reading. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear in the post.

  3. Ah. Got it. My lady friend economists and I love your blog!

  4. Updated for clarity! Thanks for everyone’s comments.


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