We Were Wrong: More Female CEOs Won’t Make the World a Better Place

While we tend to celebrate the success of women in business, academia, politics, it’s a good reminder that not all powerful women will use their influence to help other women advance. For all our shout-outs to the Lady Leaders we respect, let’s not forget Margaret Thatcher, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman. It is possible to be an anti-woman woman, especially when you believe your power and prestige

Yahoo! CEO, Marisa Mayer, is a case in point. As if having an exclamation point in the name of a multinational transportation weren’t dumb looking enough (!), users of the outdated and embarrassingWomen-arguing-e1334819069659 email services now have to do so knowing that the company has cut back on working from home. Ms. Mayer has tarnished the companies reputation with cutting down on working from home of her employees, called Yahoos (ick).

Several studies show that working from home can improve efficiency, worker morale, cut costs, not to mention PROVIDE ENORMOUS BENEFITS FOR WORKING WOMEN (and of course parents and caretakers who happen to be men).

Many articles have called Ms. Mayer out for this decsion. The Star titled her the Mom we Love to Hate. Maureen Dowd, only a week after taking hits a Sheryl Sandberg, told Ms. Mayer to Get Off of Your Cloud. This policy is bad for business, bad for families, and bad for working women. It should come as no surprise, as Ms. Mayer herself doesn’t call herself a feminist. So while we’re rooting for more women to grab the reigns of the tech world, among other industries and areas of influence, we’ll be more cautious in assigning our enthusiasm, and judge a CEO by her policies, not her parts.


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