Gender Gap Graphs

NPR’s Planet Money recently put together this graph of the gender wage gap across occupations. Nationally women are still earning 80 cents for every dollar a man makes, but the gap varies significantly in occupations. Sales ladies are not doing so well compared to their male counterparts – women working in retail sales earn 64 cents for ever man’s dollars. But in some other occupations, the gap is pretty small, like pharmacists where ladies earn nearly the same as men, which we’ve written about before.

(click graph for larger picture)


But it’s important to keep in mind that there is also wage dispersion within occupations. NPR’s Planet Money folks point out that there is gendered segregation into specialities in professions – like lady lawyers are more likely to go into family law with lower pay and gentlemen lawyers are more likely to go into corporate law with higher pay. And then a lot of the national average for the gender wage gap is also caused by occupational segregation – men tend to go into higher paying professions (managers) and women tend to go into lower paying professions (administrative assistants). Overall, ladies, we still got some work to do to earn the bills we deserve.


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