Pharmacist is the Most Gender Equitable Profession


According to a recent paper out of the National Bureau of Economic Research by lady economist Claudia Goldin (author of the important book Understanding the Gender Gap) and her Harvard buddy Lawrence Katz, the pharmacist profession is the most gender equitable job in the U.S. This means a few things that are good for the ladies. First, women and men pharmacists have a relatively small gender wage gap. The gap between how much women make compared to men, currently an average of 82.2% in the U.S., is only 92% for pharmacists. Second, the part-time wage penalty (the hourly wage penalty for part-time workers) used to be large for pharmacists, discouraging workers who required more flexible work schedules (like mothers). But the part-time wage penalty is now equal to that of other non-pharmacist college grads, so it makes the pharmacist profession a “family-friendly, female-friendly” job. It’s still not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction on the road to labor market gender equity. CNN Money reminds us that the doctor profession is still male dominated and the nurse profession is still female dominated, but the pharmacy profession is remarkably equitable.


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  1. Hmm… if only enough pro-choice Lady Pharmacists would go work in rural places and make the right to not dispense birth control a moot point…


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