This Week on the Boob Tube: Women in Garbage

Comedienne and Prime-Time-Girl-Crush Amy Poehler wins our hearts once again for her NBC show Parks and Recreation, in which Leslie Knope, an over-eager, Biden-loving, Hilary-worshiping local bureaucrat turned city councilor makes the world a greener and more feminist place in small town Indiana. Last night, Leslie created a commission to get more woman in city government. Her boss, played by Rob Lowe (who is aging even better than my Brat-Pack watching teenage self could have dreamed of) is immediately supportive and even has a realization of his own male privilege. “Am I part of the problem?” He cries out when only men attend the commission meeting. (Yes, dollface, you are part of the problem, but you’re also part of the solution.)

What happens when Leslie and hipster-slacker-with-a-cynical-heart-of-gold, April, try to prove that more women can and should be employed as garbage collectors (a well-paid blue collar jobs with good benefits – read: unionized)? They start out by performing better than their male counterparts. What happens when they are set up to fail? They find women working in the non-profit sector to literally help carry the load.

Amy, Rosie would be proud.http://


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