Lady Labor Share Stalls in US, Grows in other Advanced Nations

New research from the National Bureau of Economic Research, Female Labor Supply: Why is the US falling Behind? finds that the growth of American women’s share of the labor force has stalled since the 1990s, while other developed countries have continued to grow the percentage of women in the workforce. In 2010, the U.S. ranked #17 of 22 industrialized nations for women in the workforce, down from #6 in 1990.

What happened? The study finds that other countries have implemented family-friendly policies that are more hospitable to women. These policies include parental leave and part-time work in other countries.However, this policies may lead to part-time or lower-level work for women.

The good news for American ladies? Women in the US are more likely to have full time jobs and to be employed in management or professional careers.Image


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